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A dogs Coat is not "Dry Clean Only"

You should wash your dog about once per month. More frequent washing could cause drying of his skin. A vet may recommend more frequent washing, but will also probably prescribe special shampoo which will contain medication for your dog's specific skin problem.
At the same time, not washing your dog often enough can leave your him with an excess of oil, mats, and a bad smell. Use only doggy shampoo. Human shampoo has the wrong pH level, and may leave your dog with skin problems.
Have everything you'll need for your dog's bath by your side - before starting. If you're halfway through the bath and realize that you've forgotten the towel, you'll be in a pickle, to say the least. Have dog shampoo and towels available. Remember any extras, too, like treats or conditioner.
Start by brushing the dog and removing any mats. Place him into an empty tub or sink and add a few inches of warm water, slowly. If the rising water puts Pooch into a panic, use a detachable shower head in a dry tub. Use a light spray or a cup to wet his fur. Lather, using your fingertips to massage the skin, while taking the time to feel for any cuts, bumps, or parasites.
Be sure to thoroughly rinse the soap from your dogs fur, or he could be left with itchy skin and a dull coat.




Alternatively you can visit Captain Dugwash 94 Striling Street Airdrie, where everything you need is supplied to help make bath time a fun bonding session for you and your dog.

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