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Closed Tuesdays and Wednesdays


Captain Dugwash is happy to provide dog owners a clean, easy and fun way to keep their dogs looking and smelling fantastic.

There are 3 professional stainless steel dog baths; each equipped with a bath master 4 dog showering system. This high quality bathing System allows you to wash your dog in a fraction of the time of hand bathing. The Bath Master's patented "accu-mixer" accurately mixes the precise amount of shampoo & conditioner to efficiently get the job done at the same time your dog will enjoy the calming massaging effect. The non-recirculating system ensures only fresh water & shampoo mixture on your dog’s coat, and the spray nozzle provides an excellent pattern & pressure for both washing & rinsing your best friend. As well as the showering system, there is a high power blaster available to blast away the excess water and loose hair.

Each bath is enclosed within its own bathing booth so you can relax and let your dog roam. Also within each booth there is a clean towel, brushes, combs and, to keep you dry, an apron. There is also a choice of fragrances to put the final touches to your wonderfully clean dog. Each booth is cleaned and disinfected after each bath.

There is a range of top quality doggy shampoos for you to choose from, including colour enhancing  and hypoallergenic. Or if you wish, you are welcome to bring your own shampoo, grooming tools and towels.


dog having a bath
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